The natures and motivations are a life-changing framework. ~Boot Camper, Spring 2016

Some of the inspiring & motivating feedback from students and partners.


Guest Teaching, Fall 2015
“Having Erin Elizabeth in our middle school classroom to help students recognize their internal super hero was powerful. Her delivery is explosive, heart-felt, and engaging. Students were intrigued, inspired and safe to share how these super powers relate to them and play out in their lives. As an educator, it allowed me to collaborate with a dynamic partner and gain a new perspective on my students and their decision-making. Now, we have a framework and a vocabulary to build on as we continue to build our self-awareness in class.”
And on a personal note, “I loved having you in class. I thought it was great. I think it was most powerful and well received in the 6th grade, which are the youngest students. The 7th graders found it compelling and engaging as well. I think your handouts are well written, accessible, and concise. Your delivery of them is excellent. I’d like to collaborate again next year.”
~Kate M., Maine Middle School Teacher
runner-1306120_1280Financial Evolution Boot Camp Class, Spring 2016
  • “Excellent, intriguing model. Good visuals, charts, examples. It’s clear you are passionate about this. Thank you!”
  • “This philosophy is more than money. This was my attraction [to it]. Helped [me] see where I’m stuck.”
  • [My big take-aways are] “seeing finances as they are. Seeing all currencies. Spending time on reviewing my situation is VERY helpful. Seeing a cycle of philosophy in money.”
  • [My big take-away is] “My anxiety about saving was preventing me from seeing that investment should be my next step.”
  • “The natures and motivations are a life-changing framework. I was worried it would be a giant sales pitch or too simplified, so I really enjoyed the ‘big picture’ approach, (and complete lack of sales pitch)… I find myself wanting more…”
  • “Interesting way to look at what I actually do with money. It’s not just ‘how-to;’ it’s a deeper look in yourself.”
  • “Very helpful and eye-opening to all types of currencies and how to understand more about where you are and how to move forward.”
  • “Come with an open mind and a willingness to see your truth.”
Fall 2016 Financial Evolution Boot Camp TestimonialsFinancial Evolution Boot Camp, Fall 2016
  • [I appreciated] “integration of personality/history, etc. to financial understandings.”
  • [I appreciated] “holistic point of view. Reality of situations that need to be met.”
  • [I appreciated] “the interactive class- we all laughed!”
  • “I’m sensing I am more prepared than I thought. Interested to keep going. Psyched for next class!”



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