Next Generation: The Kids

Currently Evolving- More Soon

In the meantime, your kids can find their natures here:

Find your kid's nature.

Fast, easy, and confidential, this simple survey will shed light on one of the biggest complexities in the world: who exactly is this kid and why are they the way they are. Knowing a child’s hard-wiring makes it easier to relate to them because you’ll know how they need you to relate & communicate. A kid who knows their own nature knows how they need to seek, distill, and integrate information. They have a sense of how to set goals & expectations for themselves, how to structure their time, how to relate to and communicate with others, and perhaps most importantly, that they have intrinsic value to the world and they belong within it.

Check out Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for more about the importance of a sense of value and belonging. It forms the foundation for all our youth programming.

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