Money & $tuff

This is tangible and the easiest to understand as a currency. We trade our money for goods, services, and experiences that we need or want. We can also barter

with our own goods, services, and stuff.

(Remember Pokemon cards?) As a culture we’ve given money & $tuff more power than it deserves in our lives, but it’s as equally important to how we shape our lives as the other currencies.

You trade money to take care of your other currencies. For example, you may pay someone to help you clean your house or run errands so you can spend your time doing something else. You may pay to get chiropractic care or to see an acupuncturist. You may buy new running sneakers to better support your joints, or trade money for healthy, nutritious food. You can invest your money in taking a loved one out for dinner, your family on vacation, or in couples counseling. You might even trade your money in a way that will ultimately make you more money.

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