3 Motivations

We talk on principal, but act on motivation. ~Walter Savage Landor

What’s the energy driving you?

What’s your motivation?

In addition to having one of 7 natures, you were born with one of 3 motivation types. Life demands that you adopt one of the others from time to time, but there is one that is your normal, the engine that drives you to conduct yourself the way you do.

The motivation types are equally valuable, and they each have a dark side.

rhodes-1309106_1280If your natural motivation is protect you subconsciously want to keep what you’ve got and not lose anything. Therefore you behave in ways that you think will preserve life as it is. You tend not to take risks and resist change. This is not a bad thing; it’s part of who you are, and there are many instances in life when being motivated to protect is healthy and appropriate.

If unaware of your nature, protect turns into deny. You can’t protect what you won’t see. If you deny your nature, you can’t protect yourself from the pitfalls, blind spots, and dark side of your nature, and you end up trying to protect a life that is not authentic, or worse, a delusion.

sarah_ioannides-_conductingWhen your motivation is manage, you’re literally trying to keep everything going, to manage life as it is. You’re not concerned with loss or gain, you’re simply hanging on, making it work. You’ve got your eye on all the parts, pieces, and situations, and you’re able to make choices to help you manage life well.

If you’re not aware of your nature you’re not managing, you’re wrestling with the life you have because it’s likely not the most authentic life for you. It’s not possible to manage life on life’s terms if you don’t know how you do life, so you fight against it. You can’t use your superpowers to manage your life if you don’t know what they are, so you often get stuck and avoid making decisions at all.

gold-medal-winner-381749_1280If your motivation is pursue, you’re focused on moving ahead, change, and what comes next in your life.Your actions, choices, and behaviors are all aimed at going for what you want. You’re not concerned with loss, and you aren’t inclined to simply manage life but instead are motivated to go after what matters to you.

If you are unaware of your nature, you won’t know what to pursue or how to pursue it. Often people whose motivation is pursue end up unable to go for what they want and suffer a loss because of it. So, in a way we can call the opposite of pursue “death.” It may be the death of a dream, left out to wither away, but it’s still a loss. Not knowing who you really are can lead to a life of pursuing someone else’s dreams or ideals while letting your own to fall away slowly or to a life of pursuing nothing at all.



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