Your nature is your way into and out of your patterns.

Find your financial nature. Change your life.


This is that point: the point in your life where you get to design the way everything will evolve.

When you know how you relate to money and what drives your behaviors, you can create a new path to financial health and wellness. 

We have created a system to understand your nature and a method to evolve which gives you a map for continued, positive, intentional evolution.

Our founding purpose is to help you uncover your true nature – your superpower. It’s the reason you do what you do – work, relationships, finances … life.

We use the concrete example of finances to illustrate that once you discover & embrace your superpower, your nature, you’ll change your financial situation and evolve with your money.

Financial Evolution Boot Camp will:

• Help you discover your own financial nature

• Teach you the motivations behind your behavior

• Teach you the FOUR currencies and how to ….

• Transform the way you think about and interact with money

Taught by Tom Shepard, CFP: Author, Coach, Educator

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A single financial decision made at age 18 put Tom on a path to understanding why we do the things we do when finances are involved. His journey led him to see that there are only 7 ways people value, use, and relate to money, and each person is wired in one of those 7 ways from birth; knowing your financial nature is the key to becoming healthier and wealthier.

After 20 years of research and development, Tom and his team are bringing a method to intentionally evolve financially to others so that a single financial decision doesn’t leave you wondering what could have been.

After this course you will have methods to:

• Break out of the paycheck-to- paycheck trap.

• Feel confident in how you spend your money.

• Work toward eliminating debt.

• Work toward creating a financial surplus.

• Save money appropriately and prepare for the future, (retirement, college expenses, financing a new business venture, etc.)

• Plan to create a second, unearned income.

• Ease expenses.

• Determine your path to financial independence.

Classes start on 3/15 at Husson University, 340 County Rd. Westbrook, ME. Wednesdays, 5:30-7:30.

Each class will provide a step in your personal financial evolution:

• Week 1: Who are you?

• Week 2: Where are you?

• Week 3: Putting it together.

• Week 4: Looking Ahead.

• Week 5: The Multiplier Effect: Creating More

• Week 6: Getting Easier.

• Week 7: What’s Next?

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