Financial Evolution Basics

Partnered with SMCC, this class will explore the basic foundation for financial evolution.

9/28-11/9 at SMCC.

This class is designed for adult students who are ready to begin getting connected to and in control of their finances. We’ll focus on your current relationship with money, what you’ve experienced so far, and give you a framework for a healthier, more positive experience going forward. It is appropriate for people of any income level or age.

Do you want to get out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle? Be confident in your spending patterns? Eliminate debt? Earn a great living? Save more money? Invest your money? Want to use your money to live less expensively? Use your money to support great causes?

In this class you will get:

  • An understanding of your financial nature and motivation type.
  • An understanding of money as a tool for building your best life.
  • An introduction to basic financial dashboard tools, the things you need to measure the progress toward your goals.
  • An analysis of where you are financially and the know-how to create your own on-going analyses.
  •  A map to guide your actions and decision-making which will include your goals, needs, and wants.
  • A common language which will ease financial stress and conflict.

The goal of this class is to give you the tools & information to be better able to determine what you need and want as well as the power and support to clearly see your way there.

$150 per student. Register HERE.

[On the SMCC site you’ll land on a general page and will need to do the following to read about and register for this class. First, click “Add A Course” button. At the top of the next page, select Fall 2016 from the drop-down menu then click “search.” This class will be the first listed, course code BUSN 838 01.]

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