Currency Camp

We develop programs for young learners focusing on self-knowledge, leadership, decision-making, communication, and setting healthy, appropriate goals.

Stop guessing about who your kid really is.

Every parent knows that kids are born just as they are- their core personalities, their quirks, gifts, and essence- just exactly who they are. Underneath is their hard-wiring, their natures.Knowing your kid’s nature makes being their parent a whole lot easier. It’s the closest we’ll get to a manual. We are developing programs & workshops for kids, parents, and families so that they may have a deeper understanding for one another, smoother relationships, and better home lives. Contact us for details or with questions & suggestions.

Every year teachers get a fresh cohort of kids to educate, inspire, and love. Knowing their natures cuts out a lot of time getting to know what drives each individual as well as how they need you to communicate. Of course it goes deeper than that. Think healthier school culture, contributing students, higher test scores, more satisfied faculty & staff, and less stress. We are available for professional development workshops, guest teaching, and consultation. Please contact us with ideas, questions, and suggestions.

Have your kids or students take this quick survey. It’s easy, interesting, informative, and confidential.

Find your kid's nature.

(Appropriate for 11-18 years. Diagnostic tools & test results tend to skew when applied to younger kids. We’re seeking partnerships with educators and other child-centric professionals to create an accurate tool for younger kiddos.)

More about programming and parent resources coming soon.

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