Allowance: Adolescents to Young Adults

Before jumping in, take a look at the broader context and relevant details, and have your child(ren) take this survey to find their natures.

Allowance: Teaching your kids about money and value.

Teaching our kids about money and financial health is critical. According to a great article from the Wall Street Journal, despite the best intentions, we’ve been getting this all wrong. “Most children still grow up into adults who can’t properly save, spend, and budget,” and invest, leverage, and give. In other words, kids are growing up without an understanding of money as a neutral tool to help them create the lives they want and instead arrive at adulthood with financial anxiety, unable to speak about finances rationally, and unable to distinguish cultural associations and personal emotions all too often attached to money.

So what do we do? How do we instill in our children a healthy financial perspective and the ability to navigate finances with confidence? 

Currency Camp Value: More than Money

When your relationship with one of the currencies gets better, your relationships with the rest get better. Our programs focus on money, but they are really about improving overall well-being, in every part of your life. Here are some articles & studies that support and make a case for our mission along with some books and other resources we like. Here’s to your health & wealth! 

Who are these people? Discovering your kids’ natures.

As parents we know that our children are born into this world exactly as they are; their natures are already there, and it has nothing to do with us. Having a sense of who our kids are helps us be better parents, helps us relate to them as they need, and helps the family create an inclusive, stable structure. 

Boot Camp @ PelotonLabs

Financial Evolution Boot Camp: personal training for your finances. April 28 through June 9, 2016

This class came about because the founder of PelotonLabs wanted to understand more about investing. Her strong community-mindedness and creativity, (she is an Investor), lead to the vision of a workshop-style course where peers could gather to learn about investing and many other topics, (see below), in a comfortable, supportive setting. We created a curriculum that met their needs: setting, timing, group-style, with a diverse set of goals