New Year’s Evolution: Transforming Money Energy

It’s upon us already! A new year and a new opportunity to get our financial houses in order. If this seems far too overwhelming to you, know you are not alone. Money has become a power outside yourself, and finance often seems like a secret code way too difficult to crack. The truth is that money is just a thing, a neutral thing that you can use to create the life you want for yourself, your family, and communities both large and small.  To plant yourself in the right mental spot so that you can gain power over your finances, consider what our friend Caroline Morrison says:

“The truth is, MONEY is energy just like everything else and it takes on the attributes and qualities of how we feel and think about it. The beliefs we have about money are a mindset, a perception. Money will do exactly what we believe it will!” 

When you don’t create an intentional belief around money, you will default to your financial nature, what others have told you about you and money, or some kind of dysfunctional combination.

Maybe it’s time for an evolution.

Typical definitions of evolution include, “gradual development,” “process of growth,” and my favorite, “peaceful, progressive change.” Caroline is more inspired by “change, expansion, growth, progression, transformation, flowering, maturation, unfolding.” No matter how you look at it, evolution is good for you and will bring you to a better, higher level.

Imagine being at a better, higher financial level!

What would that look like for you?

  • Breaking out of the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.
  • Being confident in how you spend money.
  • Eliminating debt.
  • Having healthy savings.
  • Having a second, unearned income.
  • Ease your expenses.
  • Being financially independent- and not have to work.

Maybe you’re ready to evolve with your money.

Your financial evolution must be intentional, otherwise you’ll end up in the same pattern all over again, and again and again. You have the power to intentionally flip a mental switch. Caroline says, “We have to start somewhere and that somewhere has to be with ourselves. So it’s time to release the vibrational density we have around money, think new thoughts and imprint new perceptions and beliefs about money.” You may be thinking that’s easier said than done, and for some people it is. Here are some other ways to jump-start your evolution:

  1. Intentionally be aware of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about money- but remember those aren’t necessarily reality.
  2. Find your financial nature. Embrace and understand how you relate to and trade money, experience the energy of money, and what role money plays in your life. This quick, confidential, painless survey will show you your financial nature. 
  3. You’ll start to see your money patterns more objectively and from here you can intentionally swap negative money scripts for healthier ones that propel you forward. (See our post on getting stuck and what that looks like for your particular nature.)
  4. Intentionally seek out information that will help you move forward. Once you point yourself in the right direction, what you need to help get you going and keep going will emerge.

This winter we’re offering another Financial Evolution Boot Camp, an intensive course that gives you the tools to transform your finances. We don’t bother with generic financial information- we go into the very personal aspect of money and show you a method to evolve intentionally for greater health and wealth. This is, of course, just one option!

New Year’s resolutions that are unattainable and end up making you feel terrible can be a thing of the past. This New Year’s Evolution can be the peaceful, progressive unfolding that brings you to a higher level.


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