Currency Camp Value: More than Money

When your relationship with one of the currencies gets better, your relationships with the rest get better. Our programs focus on money, but they are really about improving overall well-being, in every part of your life. Here are some articles & studies that support and make a case for our mission along with some books and other resources we like. Here’s to your health & wealth! 

Financial Literacy

Know Yourself




  • The Best Thing I Did for My Marriage – Good stuff! We go a bit deeper and make these shifts much easier through development of an effective way of communicating and a solid strategy for financial health.
  • Married Budgets & Spending – Good intentions, written by one nature who’s spouse is another. Following these tips is easier when a couple knows each other’s natures.
  • Conflicting Belief Systems Among Educators – Conflict comes in many forms, as are noted here, but the most fundamental aspect is missing: the fact that people have different natures, and sometimes they interact negatively.


Health & Energy

Books for Kids (Please contact us to suggest books you’ve read!)


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