Currency Camp @ Breakwater School

Be Your Own Superhero: discover your superpowers and know how & when to use them!

You have your own superpowers, but do you know what they are?

Do you know what weaknesses might keep you trapped?

No matter who you are, there is a superhero inside you. Finding and being your own superhero means having the knowledge and power to live up to your full potential and guide yourself to a fantastic life! This course will show you how to identify your superhero self, develop your strengths, and chart a course toward your goals and dreams. You’ll learn how to identify the superhero selves of others and how to better collaborate, communicate, and thrive together. You’ll learn the difference between the value and the cost of things that matter to you and how to positively use tools like money, energy, and time. Through  games, technology, projects, money skills, leadership styles, and more we’ll explore what being your own superhero truly means, how to leverage your strengths, and how to identify what you need when you need it during your many adventures yet to come.  

Areas of Focus: 

Self Knowledge | Leadership Skills | Financial Literacy

Innovative Thinking Skills | Entrepreneurship

Decision Making | Goal Setting | Communication Skills

Coming to Breakwater Enrichment, April 2016.

Superheroes ages 11-18: find your superpowers here.


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