Boot Camp @ PelotonLabs

Financial Evolution Boot Camp: personal training for your finances. April 28 through June 9, 2016

This class came about because the founder of PelotonLabs wanted to understand more about investing. Her strong community-mindedness and creativity, (she is an Investor), lead to the vision of a workshop-style course where peers could gather to learn about investing and many other topics, (see below), in a comfortable, supportive setting. We created a curriculum that met their needs: setting, timing, group-style, with a diverse set of goals

The ultimate goal is for the students to create maps showing where they are financially now and where they want to go, including the steps in between. Their maps will be actionable because they will know their natures, what motivates them, and what exactly comes next as they evolve with their money. Weeks 1-3 explored natures, motivations, financial levels, financial states, and life stages. Week 4 is the beginning of the mapping process.

More soon!


At the end of this course you will know how to:

  • Break out of the paycheck-to-paycheck trap.
  • Feel confident in how you spend your money.
  • Eliminate debt.
  • Create a financial surplus.
  • Save money appropriately and prepare for the future, (retirement, college expenses, financing a new business venture, etc.)
  • Invest for a second, unearned income.
  • Leverage your money to ease expenses.
  • Determine your path to financial independence.

During this course you will learn:

  • How you are wired to relate to money and value, your financial nature.
  • The order of each step on the financial evolutionary path and which step is your starting point based on your nature and current financial position.
  • What your next financial priority is and what to do to meet it.
  • How to keep yourself motivated to meet your goals and continue to evolve after each has been met.
  • To see your finances as a source of opportunity rather than a source of stress & pain.
  • The true meanings of “investing” and how to get the most from investing based on your nature and your goals.
  • The difference between “debt” and “leverage.”

At the end of this course you will have:

  • A true picture of your current financial position: where you are vs. where you think you are based on what you’ve been told or your own limiting beliefs.
  • A complete picture of your income & expenses as well as the tools necessary to revise your plan as it evolves.
  • A complete cash-flow statement and the tools to revise it.
  • A complete net worth statement.
  • A customized, intentional map for your evolution.
    • You’ll know the order of financially evolving, know how to determine where you are within that order, and see what comes next.
    • You’ll gain vital self-knowledge and clarity around your money empowering you to confidently and easily make decisions for yourself.


Your money is just one of the currencies you trade for the things you value. You also trade your time, health/energy, and relationship currency. When you learn how to improve your finances, you can apply the same to your other currencies. This class will also teach you how you are wired to value your time, your health, and your relationships, and it will give you the tools to create your best experiences in each area.

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