Your Nature: This Is the Solution

‘Know thyself’ is not a narcissistic pursuit.” ~Marianne Williamson

Trying to be an “ideal” person, the person you were told you had to be in order to be successful and happy, often has tragic implications. If you don’t know who you really are, you may lose yourself trying to be someone else. This is what nobody told you about your happiness, success, and your power.

You have specific talents, strengths, and the evaluative perspective you need to create the life you want- your nature. There are 7 distinct human natures, each having their own set of strengths and challenges, their own interpretations of words, their own perspectives, and their own traps. Because there are 7 human natures, our teachers and guides, including personal finance “gurus,” business coaches, therapists, school teachers, parents, and others, often fall short: they are unaware of their own natures and unconsciously speak to those who share their natures. Further, everyone filters out and dismisses even the most well-intended advice when it’s not packaged for their specific natures.

Your nature is the solution to and the cause of your financial, relationship, health, and time management patterns.  

If you know your nature you have the context within which your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and patterns make sense and a starting point to make improvements & changes if you’re so inclined.  Life gets easier and information gets better integrated because you  know who you are. It is possible to take what you need and leave the rest without suffering another failed diet, exercise regimen, relationship plan, or financial strategy. And do so without going crazy.

Easier decision-making, smoother relationships and communication, healthier relationship with money, and the ability to guide yourself to what comes next: we teach our students of all ages how, and it begins with fully knowing yourself.

In just seven questions we’ve created a way for you to name your nature, learn more about it, and begin to filter your experiences through it. Our aim is for this information to give you a healthier, clearer perspective of yourself, your many opportunities financial and otherwise, and the world around you. Just click the age-appropriate link below.

Find Your Nature Adults       Find Your Nature ages 11-18  

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